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100% Forever Free VPN without data limits, reselling your data, or hijacking your bandwidth. LimitlessVPN was built entirely from the ground up, because after years of using other VPN Services and being let down, we knew something had to change.

That's why we built LimitlessVPN. It was made for all of us.

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Why LimitlessVPN?

If you've tried searching for VPNs, you can hear countless testimonials both good and bad about certain VPNs. At the end of the day, VPNs are a business and need to make money. However, the business model for most VPNs are misaligned with Users' Best Interest. Paid VPNs make money on subscription, and their cost is the bandwidth that you use. So their incentive is to keep you paying, but if you use too much, they end up throttling you. And let's not get into "Free" VPNs.

With LimitlessVPN, we only actively generate revenue while you use our VPN. We own our custom built servers, in colocation data centers that serve as the gateway to the literal internet. We do not have thousands of Servers because we do not rent others' servers, or use cloud services, and dedicated only LimitlessVPN users.

We also have some awesome features like a built-in Compression Engine for users who are left neglected by their ISP.


LimitlessVPN is Forever Free. No Catches. No Gimmicks.

No payment methods needed. Only an accessible Email.

Features built for our Future.

If you live in an underserved Internet Service Provider area, with limited options and slow speeds, we have good news for you. LimitlessVPN features a built-in compression engine that will help you achieve faster speeds for whatever you're doing: streaming, gaming, browsing, working, or all at the same time.

No more waiting ages for gifs to load or streaming in 480p. All this, and many more on our roadmap to building the best VPN for all.


Protect What's Yours.

Privately Access the Internet with No Log

With Built-in Features to prevent people from tracking you & a high quality network, you can expect a smooth experience.

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Made for All around the World

Whether you're wanting to game, stream, or just be able to work, LimitlessVPN was designed around your needs. So do it all.

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State-of-the-Art Security

Using OpenSSL and AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard with 256 bit key), you can be sure that all your activities on the internet is secure.

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Spend your Hard Earned Dollars Elsewhere. Like on Tacos.

We're changing the game in the VPN space - where most others charge you a monthly fee or reselling your data and bandwidth claiming to be "free". We don't do any of that. We won't ever do any of that. And really, what do you have to lose? It's free.

Forever FREE

We have zero interest in selling your data, traffic, or information to anyone. We only make money by you thoroughly and absolutely loving our service.

  •   Unlimited Bandwidth
  •   Unthrottled Speeds
  •   Fully Owned US Based Servers
  •   Real Time Compression Engine
  •   No Identifying Information
  •   OpenVPN & SSL Security
  •   Secure Encryption
  •   Zero Logging of Traffic Data

How We Make Money

With the growth into research of AI and Machine Learning, as well as blockchain technology, the basis for all these technologies is using computational power to solve lots of problems.

With AI/ML - it involves training an algorithm to find the solution a specific problem over and over. With Blockchain, it requires finding the cryptographic key to an ever evolving puzzle.

We've developed a unique way to pool together thousands of PCs, while using just a fraction of your CPU/GPU to work towards these problems. When the problem gets solved, whether it's AI/ML/Blockchain - then we get rewarded.


Disclosing What We Know

With our belief in Transparency, and earning your trust, these are the items we would know about you while using the LimitlessVPN service. All data except email addresses are anonymized or deleted after 30 days.